SPIB Supports Local Archery Park

Klondike Archery Park is a brand new, 119 acre park that opened in Beulah on Wednesday, December 10th. This isn’t just any park. This archery park has everything from multi-story archery platforms to a clubhouse and is even planning to add 3D targets in the woods. Klondike is not only a park for adults but welcomes kids to practice in a safe and managed area.

The park is run by the Panhandle Bowhunters and Archery Association and requires archers to pass a safety training course before taking use of the park.

SPIB was thrilled to take part in making this happen. We were able to donate lumber we receive for lab testing, as part of keeping our mills certified, for the building of Klondike Archery Park. We look forward to seeing everyone utilize this safe archery park made enjoyable for the whole community.