Western Wood Services

SPIB is proud to announce that a new 3rd party inspection agency is open for business in the western U.S. Western Wood Services, a division of SPIB, has been established specifically to offer western treaters an option in inspection services for their residential treated wood products.

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A new look for SPIB

As the leader in providing quality assurance standards to the softwood lumber industry, we knew our website, to be unveiled this month, would be more than a digital business card for us. It would become a platform to inform and engage our customers with training and product info, as well as, industry news and events.

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SPIB Supports Local Archery Park

Klondike Archery Park is a brand new, 119 acre park that opened in Beulah on Wednesday, December 10th. This isn’t just any park. This archery park has everything from multi-story archery platforms to a clubhouse and is even planning to add 3D targets in the woods. Klondike is not only a park for adults but […]

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