A new look for SPIB

As the leader in providing quality assurance standards to the softwood lumber industry, we knew our website, to be unveiled this month, would be more than a digital business card for us. It would become a platform to inform and engage our customers with training and product info, as well as, industry news and events.

We began collaborating with HIP Creative Inc. over a year ago. Several months were spent working on our new branding, logo, color scheme, type treatments and copy, which collectively bring to life the attributes of SPIB: quality, integrity, consistency, commitment, and sustainability.

“HIP’s goal was to give SPIB a fresh look while still embracing their iconic letterforms that stamp pine wood across the world. Using these letterforms we were able to arrange a new mark to carry SPIB into the next 100 years.” – Luke Infinger, Executive Creative Director of HIP Creative Inc.

HIP Creative also designed the look and style of the new

The development and programming of our new website, completed by BuildingOnline Inc, has been a great collaborative team effort with HIP and SPIB staff that we are proud to share with you!

The new SPIB website offers many new or improved features that put SPIB on the cutting edge of website technology that include:

New & Improved Product Locator

The new has a new and improved “Product Locator” that provides the user the option to search for a mill or detailed product search below.

Expanded Services Section

We have organized the “Our Services” section of the new site to include easy to find information about Lumber Services, Audit Services, Special Services, Treated Wood, Training and Packaging that your business depends on.

New FAQs

The new has a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section that helps answer commonly asked questions about SPIB, design values, grading and other relevant topics.

Mobile Friendly – Optimized for any device via Responsive Web Design (RWD)

The new site is both desktop and mobile friendly, built in a Responsive Web Design format for an optimal viewing experience on any device making the new site easy to read and navigate across a wide range of devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Now you can refer to from your office computer or your mobile phone and both will provide content that is easy to access and read.

Google Site Search

The new site includes the best search capabilities using Google Site Search which brings the same search technology that powers to, delivering quick and relevant results to help you find what you need fast.” – Alan Wickstrom, President/CEO of BuildingOnline Inc.

Please browse through our site, use the product locator, subscribe to the new blog and stay engaged with SPIB!