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SPIB eLearning: New Online Grading Courses

The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau is pleased to announce SPIB eLearning. A set of online lumber grading courses to supplement on-the-job experience, classroom training and accelerate education of lumber graders, lumber quality technicians, dealers, and others in the lumber and construction industries.

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The course focuses on the importance of Defects Identification and how it is used to grade lumber. The SPIB online course will help specifiers understand the value as well as the limitations of lumber. SPIB consulted with former employee Charles Miceli, who developed the first computer-assisted training tool for graders, to produce this course.

“I’m glad I’m able to apply the experience I’ve gained through many years in the industry to this online course,” said Miceli. “Partnering with SPIB is a great way to connect with the people who will most benefit from this training, whether they’re new employees or experienced graders looking to brush up their skills.”Visually grading lumber requires the ability to inspect and grade boards applying over 700 grade rules for southern pine in a time frame of seconds. With the fielding of visual grading machines, the opportunity to develop grading skills on the production line has been reduced. In many mills today a quality technician who monitors machine accuracy must learn how to inspect lumber through other means. The SPIB course employs visual training techniques and in-depth rule memorization processes to improve accuracy and verify inspector proficiency.

SPIB president Steve Singleton sees the lumber grade course as an important tool to help the organization’s partners in the softwoods lumber industry.

“We’re excited to offer this course as a way to improve the grading process and the quality of the product,” said Singleton. “We’re here to support lumber manufacturers and promote a valuable, renewable resource. This course provides the tools and techniques for lumber graders to do their job better, which benefits everyone in the industry.”

Because these courses were developed by lumber graders for lumber graders, the materials are meaningful and relevant to the learner’s needs. Everything is explained in straightforward language that is delivered consistently, minimizing confusion, especially when attempting to explain difficult concepts.

This course includes additional content to enhance learning with videos, photos, and diagrams, and also features interactive activities that encourage learning. This supplemental content provides ways for students to keep learning with information that is different from the core content.

The course can also benefit retailers, lumber sales staff, architects, engineers, and foresters.

The Southern Pine course in now available for purchase on We have purchase options both for individuals as well as enterprise levels for mills. We are now working on courses for Western & Canadian lumber.

SPIB is the rules writing body for the southern pine lumber industry. The SPIB grademark represents quality assurance and reflects its commitment to lead the industry in exacting standards, thorough training, and innovative application of advanced technologies to ensure the integrity of softwood lumber products.

SPIB eLearning