Warp in Dimension Lumber

What is Warp? Warp is defined as any deviation from a true or plane surface, including bow, crook, cup, twist, or any combination thereof. Warp restrictions are based on the average form of warp as it occurs normally, and any variation from this average form, such as short kinks, shall be appraised according to its […]

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Learning to Grade Softwood Dimension Lumber

What is Dimension Lumber? We have all seen buildings being framed with lumber. Do you know what type and grades of lumber are used in this framing process? Sometimes referred to as “dimensional lumber” or “framing lumber”, this wood is the mainstay of the housing industry in the US and Canada. Dimension lumber, as this […]

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SPIB eLearning

SPIB eLearning: New Online Grading Courses

The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau is pleased to announce SPIB eLearning. A set of online lumber grading courses to supplement on-the-job experience, classroom training and accelerate education of lumber graders, lumber quality technicians, dealers, and others in the lumber and construction industries.

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