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Two New Varieties of the SPIB eLearning Courses for Dimension Lumber

The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau is pleased to announce two new varieties of the SPIB eLearning courses for Dimension Lumber. These West Coast and Canadian courses now include lessons, rules reviews, and knot tests for the Light Framing Grades of Construction, Standard, and Utility; as well as Select Structural, and Studs. These lessons are available to add to the basic courses which cover No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3.

The Canadian version is an ideal tool for preparation for Canadian lumber grading tickets and includes a lesson on Canadian Species and Species Groups. This lesson stresses the importance of specie identification, and includes printable species ID pages for every species used for Dimension Lumber in Canada, – as well as a COFI supplied Species Characteristic Guide for species ID in the Western and Central Provinces.

These two new courses will provide all the foundational materials for learning to grade dimension lumber. They are intended to supplement the on-the-job training experience, and/or classroom training, and will accelerate education of lumber graders and lumber quality technicians.

And remember, the courses will also benefit retailers, traders, lumber sales staff, architects, engineers, and foresters and others in the lumber and construction industries. The SPIB eLearning courses are the only on line courses available to learn the fundamentals of how to grade Dimension Lumber without spending 100’s of hours in the lumber shed, on the production chain, and/or in the classroom with an experienced grader trainer.

So if you want to make the task of learning to grade Dimension Lumber much more efficient and thorough, if you want to improve competency and motivation of graders to improve grade recovery, if you want to prepare for your lumber grading ticket in Canada, or if you just want to fully understand how Dimension Lumber is graded, then these courses are for you.

The courses for Western & Canadian lumber are now available for study on We have purchase options both for individuals as well as enterprise levels for mills.

SPIB is the rules writing body for the Southern Pine lumber industry. The SPIB grade mark represents quality assurance and reflects its commitment to lead the industry in exacting standards, thorough training, and innovative application of advanced technologies to ensure the integrity of softwood lumber products.


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