Appearance and Quality of Dimension Lumber

Often end users of Dimension Lumber complain that lumber from different suppliers does not appear to be of the same quality. It may look better or worse, yet the packages bear the same grade mark. The lumber could be graded correctly; however there are indeed some factors that can influence the overall appearance of lumber in a specific grade, – for better, or for worse. Remember the grading rules for Dimension Lumber were written primarily to control the strength of pieces within a grade, with only a limited consideration for appearance.

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West Coast and Canadian

Two New Varieties of the SPIB eLearning Courses for Dimension Lumber

The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau is pleased to announce two new varieties of the SPIB eLearning courses for Dimension Lumber. These West Coast and Canadian courses now include lessons, rules reviews, and knot tests for the Light Framing Grades of Construction, Standard, and Utility; as well as Select Structural, and Studs. These lessons are available to add to the basic courses which cover No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3.

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