What is Wood Grain

Wood grain is the longitudinal arrangement of wood fibers [1] or the pattern resulting from this.[2] R. Bruce Hoadley wrote that grain is a “…confusingly versatile term…” including the direction of the wood cells (straight grain, spiral grain), surface appearance or figure, growth-ring placement (vertical grain), plane of the cut (end grain, quarter sawn, flat sawn, etc.), rate of growth (narrow grain), relative cell size (open grain), and other meanings.[3]

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Behind the Mark: A Look at the SPIB Treated Wood Inspection Process

Inspection Practices for Treated Lumber Products

There are many questions about the different treated wood products in our market today. Although there may appear to be many differences in what options to use for your next project, there may be more similarities than you know. Treated wood products must meet very specific quality requirements to meet the building code. These requirements are initially checked by the producing treating plant, but are ultimately verified by independent, third-party agencies that ensure plants produce treated wood products in accordance with industry standards.

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