Tales of a Treated Wood Lab Tech: The Team Behind-the-Scenes

You know how important it is to look at the tags on the end of the lumber to find all types of important information, including the treating company, preservative type, appropriate end-use, third-party inspection information, and even warranty details. But did you take a moment to wonder…what goes on behind-the-scenes before that piece of pressure-treated wood makes its way onto the store shelf?  If the answer is yes, let’s grab a lab coat and take a closer look!

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Behind the Mark – Part 2 – The SPIB Laboratory

The SPIB Laboratory During last month’s Blog, we looked at the Treated Wood Field Inspection Process…so what happens next? As we learned previously, core samples are taken by the SPIB Inspector as part of the routine audit process of a given treating plant and the number of charges to be sampled is based on the […]

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