Behind The Mark – A Look At The SPIB Treated Wood Inspection Process

SPIB Treated Wood Quality Mark

OK, we’ve covered a ton of information in our first two Treated Wood Inspection blogs!

Essentially, the plant inspection has been completed…records were reviewed, in-plant QC was assessed, product was evaluated for penetration and retention analyses have all been completed and uploaded into the plant’s database.

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Behind the Mark – Part 2 – The SPIB Laboratory

The SPIB Laboratory

During last month’s Blog, we looked at the Treated Wood Field Inspection Process…so what happens next?

As we learned previously, core samples are taken by the SPIB Inspector as part of the routine audit process of a given treating plant and the number of charges to be sampled is based on the plant’s production and/or performance.  Charges found non-conforming for penetration are isolated for correction while charges found conforming are accepted.  

But that is just half the story!

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Behind the Mark: A Look at the SPIB Treated Wood Inspection Process

Inspection Practices for Treated Lumber Products

There are many questions about the different treated wood products in our market today. Although there may appear to be many differences in what options to use for your next project, there may be more similarities than you know. Treated wood products must meet very specific quality requirements to meet the building code. These requirements are initially checked by the producing treating plant, but are ultimately verified by independent, third-party agencies that ensure plants produce treated wood products in accordance with industry standards.

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