How to Grade Displaceable Knots

How to Grade Displaceable Knots

Grading Knots Away From the Edge

Learning to grade edge knots and combination knots in dimension lumber takes a fair amount of study and practice. These type knots most often limit the grade of a piece. Once the grader has a complete understanding of how these knots are measured and limited it becomes a matter of closely judging the size of what you see and comparing this to a known limit for a known knot size. This makes it relatively easy to estimate the size, and grade accurately on edge and combination knots.

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Total Measurement: Understanding Knots in Dimension Lumber

Have you ever wondered why you observe some large and at times unsightly decayed knots on the surface of your framing lumber? How can this lumber be graded correctly, especially in No.2 or higher grades? If you do not understand how and why knots in Dimension Lumber are limited, then these knots that appear unacceptable can be a real source of confusion. How are the graders, and now grading machines, grading these knots? Are they grading the lumber correctly? Can you learn to grade these knots? Continue reading “Total Measurement: Understanding Knots in Dimension Lumber”