SPIB Resource Monitoring Program

In the early 1990’s, new lumber design values were approved for all major softwood lumber species in North America. This testing program was known as the “In-Grade Testing Program” because each piece of lumber tested was required to be precisely of the grade being tested. The design values were based on tests of full-size pieces of lumber, which represented a significant departure from the previous basis for determining design values. For the In-Grade testing program, two grades (No.2 and SS) in three sizes (2×4, 2×8 and 2×10) were tested in three strength modes: bending, tension, and compression. Two new ASTM standards were written to specify the testing procedures (ASTM D4761) and the analysis procedures (ASTM D1990) to determine the new design values. Also included in ASTM D1990 was a paragraph stating that additional testing might be required if there was reason to believe that the resource had changed.
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