Lumber Grade-Marking History: 1915

About the History of Lumber Grade Marking

SPIB has been in the process of archiving some of its historical documents.  In that process, we discovered a rare and treasured story about the history of grade marking southern pine. It begins in 1883 and leads us up to 1940 when SPIB was created. W.D. Durland prepared this document from the files of the Southern Pine Association. We don’t know a lot about Durland other than that he had other publications on lumber and timber in the early part of the 19th century.  Some research suggests he was employed by the Forest Service and involved with the Yale School of Forestry. The story is very interesting and if you are a history buff you will really enjoy reading it in a series of blogs that SPIB plans to share with the industry beginning with the one we have for you today. Enjoy the read!

– Steve Singleton, SPIB President

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Visually Graded Lumber vs. Machine Graded Lumber

Visually Graded Lumber vs. Machine Graded Lumber

There are different ways of determining the grade of dimension lumber. Historically, “visual” grading is performed where a person looks at all four sides of a piece of lumber and evaluates the characteristics present to determine which of several visual grades the piece belongs. This grader works on a grading chain and quickly evaluates each piece of lumber.

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