SPIB Blog - 1932

Lumber Grade-Marking History: 1932

In 1932, the country was still battling the impact of the Great Depression – and this was particularly evident across the lumber industry. These depressed economic conditions – coupled with the efforts of certain types of middlemen to create grade substitution opportunities and to evade quality and grade-marked lumber use – gave way to a series of dramatic changes in specifications and regulations in federal purchasing departments, state highway departments and other offices writing inquiries for lumber.

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Lumber Grade-Marking History: 1930

Big things were happening across the lumber industry in 1930, too. It was then that the Southern Pine Association met jointly with the retail branches of the lumber industry in an effort to lay the groundwork for big, big things that were to come over the course of the decade

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Lumber Grade-Marking History: 1923

1923 was many things, but it was also among the most important in the entire industry of the Southern Pine Association – as this was the year that grade-marking machines were finally perfected. This, in turn, gave way to the successful development of a comprehensive, holistic plan to establish the practice of grade-marking lumber across the country.

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